Public Sector 

Public Sector


State Owned Companies (SOCs) play a critical role in the South African economy through the establishment, maintenance and operation of enabling industries. SOCs are also well positioned to contribute to the transformation of the South African economy.

In the execution of their mandate, SOCs are able to attract, develop and retain many of the brightest and best people. In addition, the excellent career development processes, and opportunity to move across divisions within the same company, contribute to long service being the norm.

SOCs are capacitated to meet their standard mandate and their operating models frequently include the use of consultants – typically to:

  1. Supplement capacity to cover peak or unusual demands.
  2. Access specialist skills that are only required for short duration contracts.
  3. Tap in to radical and/or new thinking to formulate strategies and plans.
  4. Deliver many aspects and mitigate risks associated with capital projects.
  5. Bring about operating model changes, including:
    • New or upgraded IT systems.
    • Restructuring at a division/company level.
    • Organisational structure changes at divisional level.
    • Optimisation of value chains and associated processes.
    • Integration of new services/product lines.
    • Culture change initiatives.

MAC Consulting has been privileged to engage with SOCs in many of these areas, and has delivered projects covering:

  1. Leadership development and coaching.
  2. Strategy development, including the creation of a revised “go to market” strategy.
  3. Support for a shift to a joint-venture strategy.
  4. Organisation design.
  5. Operational excellence.
  6. Business process reengineering.
  7. Creation of an energy and climate change strategy, to mitigate risks associated with climate change and ensure the adequacy of future power supply.
  8. Evaluating short-term strategies to alleviate power supply risks.
  9. Creation and delivery of an extensive project to mitigate impact on the local community of demobilisation from mega capital projects located in rural areas.
  10. Working with a local municipality to capacitate their teams, to accommodate the impact of capital projects on the services and infrastructure within the municipality.
  11. Tariff modelling.