Other Industry Experience 

Other Industry Experience


MAC Consulting over its 20 + year history has worked across a broad range of industries beyond our focus industries. Based on the expertise in our business, we have applied these extensively in FMCG, Manufacturing, Retail and Construction.

Our ability to leverage our core consulting skills is based on two key elements that shape our consulting practice.

Firstly, we employ experienced consultants with depth of expertise from across industries. We believe the exposure to other industries provides the advantage of leveraging leading practices and thinking that is often further developed in one industry, into different industries.

Secondly as we develop customised solutions, our consultants have significant experience in adapting approaches to develop unique client solutions. MAC Consultants are often valued for their ability to partner and co-create solutions with clients, where both client and consultant knowledge are leveraged in designing and implementing the solution. It is the though partnering that facilitates joint ownership and is often key to successful implementation.