Burning Issues & Expertise in this area 




The mining sector continues to face an uphill battle across a broad number of fronts. Despite the increase in commodity prices, this improvement has been negated by the strengthening of the Rand.

The pressures on the sector are, in many cases, well documented and include:

  • Inflationary costs, in excess of any price increases.
  • Policy uncertainty, including the Mining Charter revision.
  • Increasing levels of community pressure and activism.
  • Declining grades.
  • Ageing infrastructure.
  • Safety issues and S54.

As a consequence of these factors, the South African mining sector continues to experience severe pressure, which has often led to downsizing and in some cases disinvestment. Associated with this has been a perceived decline in internal capacity, both in terms of the volume of resources and in terms of the skill levels.

The call has been for “mechanization” or a variation, “modernisation” (Neil Froneman) and clearly, where possible, these need to be pursued vigorously. However, improvements in every element of the value chain are required and are possible.

We at MAC have been consulting to the industry across most commodities in Southern Africa over the past 20 years.

Our expertise

Given our strong focus on the sector, we have developed deep experience and skills working with clients in almost every sphere of mining operations. These include:

Operational effectiveness:

  • Business process improvements (productivity)
  • Restructuring / organisational design
  • Shared services
  • Supply chain
  • Policy and procedures / governance
  • Behavioural safety
  • Operational readiness
  • Social strategy/community engagement
  • Change management
  • Leadership development

We are able to undertake an initial analysis to determine what can be improved. We then lay out an approach for how this can be achieved, working with the personnel of the client. Our practical hands-on approach has always been well received by the industry.