MAC Consulting has delivered key pieces of work for ICT industry leaders within both their South African and African operations.

The ICT sector is undergoing significant transformation as it matures and new disruptive technologies and players enter the market. Key for many of our clients is the shift to value-added business solutions, away from products and services. Also, collaboration and partnerships with new entrants has become necessary. The impact on how these organisations need to be led and structured has been significant. New capabilities are required as they fundamentally transform themselves and their organisational cultures. Many are finding that their growth is outside South Africa, which has led them to markets within the MEA region and beyond. The shift to multi-national, with operations in very different markets, has required significant change in how people are organised and strategies are landed.

Our Technology Partners

As the role technology plays becomes fundamental to how businesses run and organise themselves, MAC is evolving into a strategic implementation partner for several mid-sized technology firms. Many of our partners have joined the trend in providing business solutions that deliver defined business results and value, as opposed to simply implementing a new system or set of applications.

If not implemented with a deep connection to business strategy and concomitant shifts in operating model, as well as supported by the right level of change management, the risk is not delivering the value that was intended. These partnerships leverage MAC’s core capability of implementing strategies by transforming the human capital and operational elements of a business. Clients are provided a holistic solution that can provide the right technological, data-led and digital advantage. Key is a shift to AGILE, LEAN and Design Thinking, matching the implementation philosophy of our technology partners. Together we support data and analytics-led initiatives, CRM implementation, ERP implementation, and the evolution to stronger digitally-led business models and operations.

Our Expertise

Given our specialist expertise we focus on the following key areas in this sector:
• Embedding of new customer-centred strategies and operating models.
• Strategic alignment.
• Embedding CRM practices and processes.
• Restructuring / organisation design.
• Leadership development.
• Agile sales implementation.
• Supply chain optimisation and integration.
• Policy and procedures / governance.
• Operational excellence.
• Sustainability and shared value strategies.
• Change management.

We undertake an initial analysis to determine what can be improved, and then
lay out an approach for how this can be achieved working with client personnel.
We are proud of our practical, hands-on, and collaborative reputation in this industry.