Mining and manufacturing companies are constantly faced with challenges in ensuring the safety of their employees. Great strides have been made in safety performance through legislation, technical advances and improved safety standards. However, accidents still occur and are often attributed, at least in part, to human error. Despite this fact, organisations’ ability to effectively investigate and assess the leading behavioural indicators that precipitated these incidents is frequently limited. At MAC, we believe that a direct relationship exists between certain corporate imperatives, the nature and quality of leadership, the level of engagement of the workforce, and what we call the safe production mindset. We help organisations understand the origins and impact of behaviour on the safe production mindset and subsequent at-risk behaviours. Typically, we begin by identifying factors that hinder an organisation’s safety culture, and auditing behavioural patterns and incidents or near-misses that have occurred. A comprehensive framework for a zero-harm production culture informs this assessment:From this informed base, MAC can assist clients to transform the mindsets of employees and sustain change through targeted interventions, reinforcement, and ongoing communication.    

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