Safety and Environmental Systems Implementation (SHEQ)

Our safety service supports mining organisations to understand the behavioural issues behind poor safety performance, and any inability to move towards zero harm.

At MAC, we provide support to mining organisations in quantifying those factors in the operation that detract from a safe production mindset. Despite intensified efforts in the form of systems, training and legislation in the industry, there remains an elusive gap in safety performance.

An untroubled mindset is key in safety. In our view, this means that the individual:
• Has acceptable limits of worry, concern, satisfaction, stress, anxiety, etc.
• Is not distracted by environmental noise – lack of clarity, disengagement, unfairness, physical working conditions, etc.
• Can freely practice unconscious competence.
• Can consciously respond to stimuli that detract from what is right.
• Is programmed to do the right thing right, first time.

In addition, there needs to be good fit in the psychological contract between leadership and the workforce.
The behavioural review we undertake covers multiple areas within an operation, through interviews and interactions across a broad cross section of employees. The results pinpoint issues that need to be addressed by management.

Our team of experienced Industrial Psychologists, together with our consultants, have the knowledge and experience to support our clients in achieving their safety and business goals.

Capability description

Our specialist service offerings and capabilities include:

  • Safety reviews – Identifying factors detracting or enhancing the establishment of a safe production mindset in the organisation.
  • Safety Management – Project managing the initiatives/focus areas to eliminate detractors sustainably.
  • Behavioural Audits – Based on a sound theoretical foundation, evaluating the propensity for risk both quantitatively and qualitatively, and reporting by level across the value chain.
  • Incident Investigation – Analysing in-depth the root causes of the human element, commensurate with our framework for an untroubled mindset.
  • Mindset Transformation – Designing and facilitating customised transformation interventions at personal, interpersonal, social and cultural levels, to establish a zero-harm safe production culture.
  • Reinforcement – Following up, to reinforce learning and transformation for sustainability purposes.
  • Safety Communication – Designing verbal and non-verbal messages and mediums to drive and sustain a safe production culture.
  • Safety Integration – Integrating an untroubled safe production mindset with sound functional and operational management.

Each area of organisation culture is assessed to provide insight to management.