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Strategy Facilitation and Implementation



Organisations often need assistance, not in formulating strategy, but in narrowing the choices and focusing on execution. We speak of enablement because we typically enable an organisation to develop its own strategy, by taking them through a process designed for their own needs. This can incorporate all or some of the following elements:

  • Strategy facilitation – facilitating executive workshops focused on trends in the market and competitors, the regulatory and operating environment, and business unit performance.
  • Leadership alignment – ensuring the discussion is robust, inclusive and participatory, and leads to shared purpose and commitment.
  • Strategy cascade – ensuring the strategy is understood and translated into effective objectives, initiatives and measures by the organisation, with an appropriate review and recalibration process built in.
  • Research – conducting competitor and market research, with data analysis and integration as necessary.
  • Scenario development – assisting stakeholders to understand strategic options and responses to external triggers.
  • Financial modelling – calculating capital requirements and budgetary impact.
Our strategy value propositionMaking the right choices – we support decision-making and option selection with rigorous processes and analysis.Organisational ownership and leadership alignment – our process is participatory and ensures that leaders own the objectives, the actions and the measures.Inclusiveness – we ensure effective communication, cascading of thought, accountability and empowerment.

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