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Our track record of designing and implementing multiple operating models and key components is extensive. Our team has delivered on multi-year, multinational projects across all key functions of our client businesses. It is often in the implementation where our teams are leveraged extensively. A broad range of generalist skills, together with extensive experience, means the ability to translate an initial design into a pragmatic approach that matches the dynamic reality on the ground.

Our approach to designing and implementing new operating models

Our design process recognises that ultimately the value is in implementation. The team’s consultative approach begins with change management principles built into the process. Getting a broader team and stakeholder group mobilised and aligned within our clients is a fundamental step to success. It is at this stage of the process that our teams often make the most impact on the ultimate success of the project.

Our operating model design processOur operating model design frameworkLeveraging the senior experience in our teams, and exposure to multiple methodologies and approaches to operating model design, we focus on customising an approach that works for our clients. Our teams adopt a strong consultative and collaborative approach, engaging with our clients to co-design and plan an approach to implement the changes that consider the broader systemic elements within the organisation.

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