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Globalisation and exponential changes in technology are fundamentally shifting business models and ways of working for the majority of our clients. Many find themselves ill-equipped to integrate these shifts effectively into all components of their business. A key role that we play at MAC Consulting is providing our clients with the “capacity” to think strategically and to work on their businesses. In a space where change is continuous and capacity to plan is limited, this time to think is the first step in making the required shifts, which are often fundamental.

The second element of our approach is to begin to bring in new ways of working that support the integration of new technologies. You cannot solve different challenges using the same approaches. The first shift in ways of working is how strategic planning is done, moving away from a longer-term orientation to continuous improvement. The continuous improvement mindset enables learning across the management team and into the business, which is for many of our clients a fundamental requirement to making the shift. Depending on the requirement we adopt principles from AGILE, LEAN and Design Thinking to customise the approach for our different clients.

Our approach to shifting to new ways of working

Implementing new ways of working is fundamental to making the shift to a digital business. It requires new skills and a change in how people collaborate and work together to craft a solution for clients or operational challenges. The shifts in technology have enabled and require the ability to organise multi-skilled teams across the value chain to learn together, develop innovative approaches and deliver faster to clients. The strategic development and implementation process needs to evolve to ensure it supports this new operating model. Working with leaders across the business to organise and develop their ability to plan, collaborate and operate in this new way is a critical first step. Based on experience and learning we have developed our own customised approach to developing AGILE leadership and implementing AGILE strategies.

Strategic technology partnerships

Recognising that technology plays a fundamental role in enabling these new ways of working we have also established several strategic technology partners. The partnerships enable us to develop and deliver solutions that are enabled by new technology and support the implementation of changes in our clients that are technology based. The partnerships have also begun to have a significant impact on the types of solutions we offer clients, as many digital capabilities have made previously costly interventions more accessible and easier to implement for many of our clients. Our partnerships enable us to support solutions related to customer relationship management, employee engagement, integrated business productivity measures, resource planning, logistics, information management and strategy implementation.

Our AGILE leadership and strategy implementation framework

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