Operational Readiness 

Operational Readiness



At MAC, we support project teams through operational readiness, to ensure that capital projects achieve the value proposition.

Capital projects are complex endeavours where comprehensive success is rarely achieved.  Challenges in the ramp-up and handover phases often erode return on investment for projects.  Operational readiness plays a role in ensuring that optimum ramp-up is achieved and that sustainable solutions are implemented that meet the business requirements. By ensuring that the appropriate processes, staffing, technology and infrastructure are in place to handle the new assets delivered by the project; operational, financial and reputational risks are reduced.

MAC’s expertise leverages off our diverse experience in driving business value.  This has been tailored to the operational readiness function to ensure that projects achieve their return on investment goals.  We work hand-in-hand with project teams to ensure that the operational requirements are met and that business value is created.

Our Operational Readiness team has the knowledge and experience to support our clients in achieving their project and business goals.

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Senior Executive – Operational Excellence

Nigel Worthington