Operational Excellence 

Continuous Improvement (LEAN/AGILE)


  At MAC our team of dedicated and experienced specialists assist companies to design and strategically execute an approach for getting the most from their people, processes and systems while leveraging basic business drivers in terms of safety, quality, delivery, cost and engagement. We have proven and practical expertise in this field, using fit-for-purpose interventions which yield sustainable and significant benefits to our clients. Through an integrated process, we ensure that the fundamental building blocks secure success. Not only do we specialise in translating the current body of knowledge to suit the unique requirements of our clients, but we also contribute significantly to operational excellence theory both locally and internationally. Our bespoke solutions, therefore, integrate the latest research and methodologies, and the client journey is crafted around a set of well-designed operational principles, aligned with best-practice across a range of industries.  
At MAC, we believe it better to act ourselves into a new way of thinking, rather than thinking ourselves into a new way of acting. This practical, hands-on approach ensures the impact and sustainability of our continuous improvement philosophy.
  Our specialist service offerings and capabilities include:
Design and implementation of integrated improvement systems.Continuous improvement.Designing and facilitating training and development programmes.
Operational excellence positioning and training.Team-based organisational design.Establishing organised workplaces.
Goal alignment from the top to all levels in the business.Creating the organisational design and culture drivers required for performance improvement.Business process management optimisation.
Establishing enabling performance measurement systems.Organisational effectiveness and development.Value stream visualisation and optimisation.
Training in Lean, Theory of Constraints and other improvement methodologies.Establishing and aligning strategies using the inside-out approach.Design and embedding fit-for-purpose management systems.
Asset management and quality improvement strategies.Practical problem solving and gap closure techniques.Assisting with the creation, correction and protection of flow.
At MAC, we start with the organisation’s strategy, linking it to the need of the customer. Processes need to be executed effectively and efficiently in order to deliver stable and predictable results. Processes also need to allow uninterrupted flow; any break in flow must be detected and corrected in the shortest possible time. As only people can ensure this, our approach is people-centric, ensuring a sustained and deliberate intervention. We believe that leadership plays the most significant role in these improvement journeys. It is important for leaders not only to understand, but also to participate, in all operational excellence activities. At MAC we assist leaders in developing grounded and integrated management and measurement systems, enabling them to see, understand and improve business performance.

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