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Within every organisation exists a myriad of processes, each connected to another, that are developed to ensure that the resources deployed deliver against requirements. Typically, each of these processes can be improved significantly when analysed in detail and independently – increasing performance, efficiency, and quality, as well as resulting in cost reduction.

Core processes, on which the organisation is built, represent major areas of opportunity and competitive advantage when adopting a process philosophy. Enabling processes such as administration, supply chain and human resources are changed radically by the introduction of ERP systems, but doing so also creates new opportunities for exploitation and optimisation. Governance processes are increasingly coming under pressure in the light of global stakeholder pressures.

In order for these processes to perform sustainably, there is a requirement to ensure that the structures, competencies, management systems and infrastructure are aligned and implemented to support the processes.

MAC Consulting is one of the leading management consultancies in process improvement based on several decades of experience, resulting in a deep understanding of the complex environment in which organisations now operate. The outcome is a practical approach, working with the client’s personnel, that delivers outstanding improvements.

Our specialist service offerings and capabilities include:

  • Process mapping and analysis.
  • Facilitated process design.
  • Role and responsibility chartering.
  • Policy and procedure development.
  • Process training and development.
  • Process implementation support.
  • Pre- and post- implementation process assessment.

In our methodology, each process is broken down into increasing levels of detail, in order to identify duplication and redundancies. A focus on, and understanding of, the end user or customer requirements requires critical analysis in order to maximise value adding activities, eliminating waste, and reducing those activities that do not contribute value.

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