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  In support of the strategic transformation work being delivered by MAC, the need to work with leaders and support them in this journey is a regular request. It is based on this requirement that we have assembled our experienced faculty of executive coaches, who have been carefully selected for three reasons:
  1. Coaching experience – we select our coaches based on the range and depth of their coaching experience. We believe that coaches who have engaged at multiple levels in an organisation, and have understood the different components of an organisation, are able to provide a more holistic coaching experience. A holistic approach ensures that our coaches effectively support leaders in thinking and working systemically while navigating the complex elements of an organisation.
  2. Business experience – each of our coaches is selected based on their business experience. Business experience assists in giving the coach credibility, and also in them being able to engage with the operating landscape. Our coaches have all had the experience of holding senior organisational roles, or running businesses of their own. In matching coach to coachee the relevant business experience is often a key consideration.
  3. Leadership and learning experience – a fundamental requirement for the majority of our coaching engagements is supporting a career ‘learning’ moment, particularly linked to leadership. We believe coaches need to continually develop their ability to assess and understand the challenges faced and skills required by leaders.
Carefully matching our coaches with leaders, we ensure the right level of pre-engagement with stakeholders for systemic alignment and feedback mechanisms to be in place. Coaching engagements and their duration are contracted based on the defined need, and can range from three to 12 sessions.Team-based coaching and facilitationAnother element of our coaching approach is to design and deliver our coaching interventions systemically. The majority of our coaches have significant experience in supporting or working on large transformation programmes, and – as a result – have developed the ability to not only coach individuals, but also teams. Working with teams leads into the broader organisational system, where the coaching work has to extend to supporting collaboration, cross-functional integration and perhaps most importantly strategic alignment. This often requires the coach to not only coach but also to facilitate engagements. Working with leaders and their teams through a combination of individual and team-based coaching has proven to be highly effective and value-adding for our clients.
  1. Leaders are coached in situ and therefore real-time feedback and development can take place, with shifts in behaviour and impact on business performance directly experienced.
  2. The team provides a live platform for providing feedback and driving accountability for change, based on shared and contracted actions and behaviours.
  3. Team-based learning is a significant accelerator, as learning is acquired not only through one’s own experience, but through the experience and behaviour of others as well.
Our team-based coaching dialogue: supporting strategic alignment and execution

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