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Based on our senior and experienced management consulting skills that span operational effectiveness, human capital, strategy advisory and leadership development, over the last 20 years MAC has developed a strong track record supporting organisations to transform. With an understanding of what is required, and the shift that needs to happen when aligning people to the strategy and future aspiration of a business, we have leveraged our experience in developing long-term programmes and relationships with clients that have addressed fundamental transformation. These programmes have spanned multiple years, transformation objectives, and international geographies.Our approach and expertise in organisational development
  • MAC’s orientation as a consultancy is towards customising solutions at all levels and across our client organisations. Our range of organisational competencies translates into an often unique ability to develop and support the implementation of solutions that address the business systemically and holistically. Our clients often request our support in integrating multiple stakeholders, providers, programmes, tools and methodologies to drive a coherent process for change and transformation from the top of the organisation into function, operating units and different geographical locations.
  • The ability to be tool- and methodology-agnostic enables the teams we deploy to leverage the best of what exists in our client organisations, at the same time customising tools and approaches that are specific to each client. Rather than impose a single, potentially very disruptive methodology, or a best practice tool that takes a significant effort to educate and socialise, our focus is on developing principle-based interventions. We do however have experience and the ability to recommend and implement a range of tools, assessments and frameworks, based on client need or preference.
Our organisational development philosophy and working framework
  • A critical assumption shaping our transformation work is that, ultimately, culture drives strategy, and that culture is demonstrated through a consistent pattern of behaviours in an organisation. Working systemically and understanding the link between shaping culture and sustainably transforming organisations, is key. Our systemic transformation framework highlights our approach and broad range of capabilities to support the transformation and implementation of new strategies. Fundamental to our approach is the ability to work across the system and not only on one of the elements. Developing elements in isolation, without aligning the other levers, often leads to intended results or transformation not being achieved.
  • The five levers to designing transformation journeys and approaches to shaping culture (behaviour) in our framework are:
Leadership – Leaders need to act their way into the future and key is ensuring that their behaviour begins to model the aspired-to future state. All our transformation initiatives begin by working with leaders and leadership teams.Strategy – The challenge is not to have a strategy, but rather to ensure that there is aligned strategic thinking and decision-making at all levels and across the organisation. We focus on cascading and aligning strategic thinking to drive stronger ownership in the business.Operating model – Structure/s shape behaviour and therefore ensuring that they are aligned and integrated with the aspired-to strategy and future state of the organisation is critical. Our ability to design all elements, but more importantly align levers with the operating model, is fundamental to making the desired shift and one of MAC Consulting’s differentiators.Measurement – You get what you measure, you focus on what you measure, and you tend to recognise and reward what you measure. Measurement is a primary lever for ensuring the sustained implementation and continued focus on evolving what you have implemented. Designing and facilitating some of the challenging people-based conversations on measurement is a key element of transforming organisations.Capability – Recognising that the skills and abilities that got you to a certain point may not be the ones required to take you to the next level, is often a fundamental shift in thinking that needs to take place. Defining the new capabilities is followed by customised learning and development programmes, interventions, and in the LEAN / AGILE continuous improvement space, implementing new approaches on in situ action-based learning.

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