About Us 



How it all started
With humble beginnings in a Saxonwold garage, MAC Consulting was founded in 1994 by two men with courage and a whole lot of vision.  

Retrenched in 1993 by Compument, a management consulting company that closed its doors, Mark Cotterrell and Tom McArdle had been left “up the creek without a paddle”, as their Compument client Ted Grobicki would later say. An internationally respected mining executive, Ted saw potential in what he describes as “good, honest, hardworking guys, who delivered what they promised and added real value”. Taking them under his wing, Ted encouraged Tom and Mark to start their own consulting firm, then called McArdle and Cotterrell Consulting (later MAC Consulting or simply MAC), offering them their first piece of independent work at First Wesgold.

The early years
Based on their reputation at First Wesgold, by early 1995 the duo had secured business process engineering projects at Blyvooruitzicht and Harmony gold mines, as well as – in a joint venture with Coopers & Lybrand – at Amplats. With a solid client base, the firm was now able to attract experienced consultants, and MAC’s future in the mining and resources industry was set.

Today an internationally respected consulting firm
Fast forward more than two decades and MAC is a recognized name not only in South Africa, but internationally. No longer focused on mining, today MAC offers a range of consulting services across industries including financial services, telecommunications, and petrochemicals.

While Tom had split off a part of the business to start his own venture in the early years, today Mark is still at the helm of MAC, leading his competent team of consultants in servicing their extensive list of blue-chip clients across the world.

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