About Us 

Empowerment Status


We are black-owned

Having prioritised transformation since 2010, MAC is currently 26% black-owned by means of an employee trust. We are, however, in the negotiation phase for increasing our black shareholding by bringing in an individual empowerment partner.

We are transforming

Transforming and remaining compliant demands commitment, flexibility, and buy-in, and as a company, we work daily towards this goal.

With a proactive committee in place for monitoring our BEE status, we were able to timeously anticipate the effect the DTI’s amended codes (2016) would have, and adapt accordingly. As a result, despite predictions that most would drop two to three levels on the new codes, often becoming non-compliant, we were able to limit the drop to one level only, from three to four.

With 26% black ownership and a proactive committee in place for monitoring our BEE contribution, we have maintained our level four rating this year. Download our most recent certificate here.